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What is High Alert?

High Alert is an independent campaign that calls on the Victorian Government to review the use of sniffer dogs at music festivals and in public spaces.

The campaign seeks to educate the public about their rights if they are stopped by police on suspicious of drug possession.


What's so bad about sniffer dogs?

Passive Alert Detection Operations (Sniffer Dogs)

  • They're ineffective. The NSW coroner found no evidence of any effect on supply, drug use in the community or increases of perceptions of public safety.  

  • They're inaccurate. Sniffer dog detect a false positive  60-80% of the time

  • They're over the top. Their use leads to humiliating and potentially traumatising strip searches of young adults and minors, for the equivalent crime of a minor traffic offence.

  • They’re dangerous. They can lead to increased risky drug use at festivals. Upon seeing sniffer dogs, Alex Ross King, 19, more than doubled her dose to avoid detection, she later died of cardiac arrest. 

Know Your Search Rights

A handy guide to understanding your rights and responsibilities in the event of a police drug search at a music festival.

Stop & Search

High Alert are concerned that  Victorian Police will adopt similar stop and search practices of the NSW Police. 


Have you been searched by the police or seen a search taken place?


Email us at HighAlertCampaign@gmail.com


High Alert Posters

Want to display our posters in your area?


Email us at HighAlertCampaign@gmail.com