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Victorian politicians are accountable to the people they represent. Send a strong message to your local member of Parliament and let them know that you're against Operation Safenight and the use of sniffer dogs in nightclubs.


Your own words are powerful, but we have included some suggested text below.



Dear __________,


As your constituent, I'm deeply disturbed by Victoria Police's 'Operation Safenight.' 


Public searches in bars, nightclubs or on the street in full view of the general public are an unacceptable invasion of an individual's civil liberties and right to privacy. This is significant given that up to 80% of indications made by drug detection dogs lead to no drugs being found. 

The New South Wales Ombudsman review of drug detection dogs found that the overwhelming majority of those searched resulted in no drugs being located, and where they were detected, they were typically young adults in possession of very small amounts of cannabis for personal use. 

The findings lead the NSW Ombudsman Mr Bruce Barbour to question "whether [drug detection dogs] will ever provide a fair, efficacious and cost effective tool to target drug supply."

Drug detection dog operations target drug users and have been proven to be an ineffective tool for detecting drug dealers. They do not stop or reduce the number of people who use drugs. Former Victoria Police Commissioner Ken Lay has acknowledged 'we can't arrest our way out of this', and that the focus must turn to harm minimisation and a health-focused approach.


As my local MP, I'm asking you to speak out against 'Operation Safenight' and take a stand against this infringement of my civil liberties.

Thank you,